Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So, 6 months ago, I called my insurance company, Anthem BlueCross Blue Shield to have them remove my dental coverage on my health insurance. I decided to go elsewhere as it seemed that no dentist in the area took the plan I had or the ones that did weren’t accepting new patients. The customer service representative told me that they could certainly find a dentist in my area and that there was no need to cancel my plan. I said ok, where? She was able to find me Smiles on Broadway here in Milwaukee, only 1.72 miles away from my Apartment. I made an appointment, filled out the paperwork and 3 weeks later was sitting in the waiting room waiting to see the dentist when a thought popped into my head. “Go check with the desk and make sure the insurance is good here, just in case.” So, I went to the desk and asked the woman at the counter if in fact, Smiles on Broadway took my plan (Dental 2). She said, “No, we stopped taking that about a year ago” and “You should drop Anthem as they provide very poor coverage and instead go with Delta Dental.” She informed me that as soon as I had Delta Dental, I could come back no problems. Fast Forward to May 2013. I call again to cancel my Anthem dental coverage and after being on hold for close to 30 minutes, finally got someone to cancel it and tell me they would attempt to get a portion of my payment refunded since I didn’t once use their coverage. It would take up to 14 business days to get confirmation. After I got off the phone with Anthem, I called Delta and purchased their fancy, more expensive plan that assured me coverage July 1st 2013 and was grandfathered into a no waiting for procedures since I already had carried dental insurance for one year. Today, I decided to make an appointment for July with my new insurance. First I decided to call Anthem BlueCross Blue Shield to find out why I still hadn’t heard a peep regarding my cancellation of my dental portion of my health insurance. So, I called costumer service and spoke to a guy who must’ve been deaf because he asked me to repeat myself every time I spoke and couldn’t remember more than 2 numbers at once. I told him my situation and he told me that he couldn’t do anything since I hadn’t paid my May bill. I told him, I hadn’t paid my May bill because I was waiting for the dental fee to get removed and have a letter confirming y cancellation of my dental coverage. He said that the only way he could do anything was if I paid for May and June immediately and get re-instated. This payment also had DENTAL coverage on it. They had no record of me requesting cancellation and couldn’t proceed on my request until I paid $300.00. I lost it. Then, he told me I couldn’t request cancellation of my dental coverage until I was re-instated. I called and already cancelled when I WAS AN ACTIVE INSURED CUSTOMER DIPSHIT! I decided to just pay and wait until July to attempt cancellation for the 3rd time. I still want to go see the dentist, something I haven’t gotten to do, even though I’ve been paying for dental insurance for 1 year. So, I called back Smiles on Broadway since they already had my paperwork and knew my situation regarding the insurance fiasco. I called to make an appointment for July 3rd at 2 pm. The receptionist told me I first had to pay my balance of $310.00 from my last visit. WHAT?! I didn’t have anything done? I just sat in the waiting room for 10 minutes and then went home after learning my insurance wasn’t’ accepted. She said that I had x-rays and an exam, yadda, yadda, yadda. NO, I DIDN’T! I told her what happened and I could sense she didn’t believe me. Then I said, I refuse to pay anything because I never had any service done. I didn’t even walk past the waiting room. She said she believed me and “would take care of it.” I’ve heard that before. The receptionist asked if I’d still like the appointment and I said yes, as long as I am off the books for the $310.00. She said of course, but I had to come in and fill out paperwork. I told her they already had my paperwork from last time and she responded with, “We discard paperwork from clients that don’t see the Dentist.” THEN HOW DID I HAVE A BALANCE FOR WORK DONE IF YOU DON”T HAVE MY PAPERWORK? Now, I have 2 dental plans that I have spent $600, haven’t seen the Dentist in a year and carry a $310.00 balance at a Dentist office.

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